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These trousers are my interpretation of those worn by the Hollywood movie stars from the 20's to the 50's. High waist, deep pockets and the flowing fabric capture the glamour from that time, but with  the modern body in mind.

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I first fell in love with this style of trouser after seeing a photograph of Ava Gardener wearing a pair, hence the name (yes I know it’s Rita Hayworth in the pic), but never could find exactly what I was looking for.

It took me a very long time before I gave up looking for the ‘real’ original pattern for these pants and started to take an 80’s pattern back to the drawing board. I’ve managed to take out most of the 80’s updates and research the original pleats etc.  The only thing I’ve kept is the modern waist, hip and thigh widths.    Personally I have chunky thighs, so I aimed to cure that. After that I tried them onto one of my slimmer legged pals……………. They look fabulous on both.

I’m 5ft 10inches and tower above a lot of my friends so I’ve made these in 3 different height categories.

The Petites are for ladies under 5ft 4in & are 27″ in leg length, they are also shorter in the body.

Regular is for ladies of 5ft 5in to 5ft 8in  & are 29″ in leg length

Tall is suited to ladies over 5ft 9in & are 31″ in length. These are made longer in the body as well as the leg.  For anything taller please contact me to discuss if I can help.

Each pair fasten up at the back with a zip and 2 strong trouser hooks. The fabric is a ,true black, polyester crepe and is fully machine washable at 40 degrees, best of all it never needs ironing.

Because of the fullness of these pants you only need to know the length you require and your waist measurement.

By my sizing  a

size is a good fit if your         waist is

10                                                30”

12                                                32″

14                                                34″

16                                                36″

18                                               38″

20                                              40″

22                                              42″

24                                              43”

If you  need advise on which size to go for please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please excuse the wrinkles in the full length photo, my dummy has a stupid ‘kick out’ leg & we couldn’t get a better snap of it.

As with everything I make, if they simply just don’t suit you………….. send them back. I can’t refund postal costs but as long as you keep to my returns policy there will be no problem.