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Green Gingham Full Circle Gypsy Dress


Full circle dress **** Fully fabulous

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This classic dress is another all year round must have. The full circle skirt looks amazing with or without a big petticoat (sorry but I do not make those) There’s a lot of fabric in this beauty

I’ve used the versatile shirring elastic method to create this dress so it fits no matter if you’re having a fabulous or a fat day, the mirror will let you know that you look gorgeous. The elastic edging is very soft whilst being strong enough to hold everything in place whether you prefer to wear it off or on the shoulders. They are very stretchy so I have lightly stretched the waist on each size to take the measurements but it will fit a couple of inches either way to make sure it fits both of the stated sizes.

The elastic will make it looks far too small to fit you when it arrives, so don’t worry it will.

Each fabric is poly cotton.

The length from waist to hem is 29” on all sizes. Because of the elastic waist these measurements are only a guideline.

The photo has have been taken with a full petticoat & a belt, neither are included nor are available in this sale.

6-8 has a lightly stretched waist of 32″ but from an 18″ when not stretched.

10-12 has a lightly stretched waist of 34” but from an 19″ when not stretched.

14-16 has a lightly stretched waist of 38” but from an 20″ when not stretched.

18-20 has a lightly stretched waist of 42” but from an 21″ when not stretched.

22-24 has a lightly stretched waist of 48” but from an 22″ when not stretched.
If you need advice on which size to go for please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Postage is a flat £3.99 for the UK not matter how much you buy.

Have you heard of the January Blues Draw? Simply send me a photo of you wearing your Baby Jane purchase. I’ll add it to its listing & send you a unique number for the yearly draw, where you could win a new Baby Jane item for free. No catch & every year, it’s that simple.

As with everything I make, if they simply just don’t suit you………….. send them back. I can’t refund postal costs but as long as you keep to my returns policy there will be no problem.

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6-8, 10-12, 14-16, 18-20, 22-24