Hey there!
My name is Jane & ‘Not so plain baby Jane’ is a nickname my family have been calling me since I was about 3 years of age, so it feels like the natural title for my work.

Our Mum always encouraged my younger sister & I to have a dressing up box & be creative with the treasures we found at the local village jumble sales & ‘not so plain baby Jane’ means I can still have that freedom to be creative on a whole new level.

For many years I have been making clothes for myself, family & friends before I was offered a stall at two of my local dances (to whom I will always be grateful) & more recently on my Facebook page. The wonderful comments & photo tags gave me the confidence to open this site.

I love sewing so much that I tend to do it most days & usually from when I wake to bedtime. It truly is a massively overgrown hobby.
I make every single item myself from the original vintage 30’s 40’s & 50’s patterns that I have collected over the years, & even a few modern ones thrown in for good measure. I literately have 100’s that I’m dying to play with so I don’t want to always be making the same thing over & over again unless I really love the finished look.

I only use good quality fabric & I over lock to complete that professional finish. All buttons & embellishments are sewn on by hand to make them far more secure. If a dress would hang better with the hem turned up by hand, well that is what happens. In fact, for example, all the swing dresses are, it just gives them a classier vintage feel.

The aim of this site is to make searching to find the things that you may love to have in your wardrobe much easier than ever before. I really hope I can keep & grow on the super friendly atmosphere that I already have with the lovely people on my Facebook page.