Fab Filtered mask……. ***FLAMES TO FLAGS BUT TRUE ROCKABILLY *** 6 different fabrics available


Beat the fine and get a mask

Look this way for dice, flags, flames, barbed wire and more….

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Please use the dropdown to see what’s in stock, thankyou for visiting.

The world is a very strange place at the moment and we all need to play our part in overcoming the covid19 virus. Traveling on public transport, visiting shops and a million other scenarios now require a face mask or receive a £100 on the spot fine . Sure you could get a disposable one for the odd occasion and blend into the background, but are you really that dull?????
I started to make these masks, back at the beginning of the pandemic, for friends that happened to be unprepared key workers and it grew to other concerned friends until I eventually put some on my FaceBook page……… now we’re here, trying to make a fashion statement mask display our unique identity.
I am a one woman concern and I care very deeply about what’s going on so I have no intentions of turning this to my advantage. So I am offering my limited edition masks for just £4 with free postage. This is available in the UK only,
Each mask has a substantial filter sewn into it, it can’t be removed but the whole thing can be washed over and over again in a normal setting on your washing machine, it just can’t ever be ironed as it will force the filter structure to collapse. it is structured that you’ll never need to. I only use soft elastic that goes around the whole head as everyone I know (including medical professionals) says it offers an extra security. Finally the fabrics themselves are soft to the touch but strong enough to last you a very long time…….hopefully this will be over within the year but who knows when you will need a mask in the future ……. from D.I.Y to that toxic bottom burp!!


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  • Red skull

    FAB FILTERED MASKS…….. ***SKULLS*** 2 different fabrics available

  • Leopard print

    FABULOUS FILTERED MASK…….. ***ANIMAL PRINTS AND PRINTS OF ANIMALS*** 6 different fabrics available

  • white cheries

    FABULOUS FILTERED MASKS…. ***CHERRIES AND SPOTS *** 3 different fabrics available

  • Pink roses on denim

    FABULOUS FILTERED MASKS *** EVERYTHING FLORAL *** 11 different fabrics available