Flapper pants *tall*


20’s – 40’s glamour in the worlds most comfortable wrap pants.


These wrap trousers just make me think of the old movies about the young starlet, usually Ginger Rogers, & how they ‘did the time in the 20’s/30’s’ before becoming the Hollywood star. So I’ve named them the Flapper Pants.

As they wrap around your body you can set the waist to your perfect fit.  They have 12 small buttons for you to get the right fitting & then everything else falls into place. There is a LOT of fabric in each pair & they will wrap around without any embarrassing flashes but when you spin around or kick out a leg you will only get a cheeky seductive split to the thigh. Please check the pics to see what I mean.

The small size is for any size between a 8 – 12 or 28″ – 32″

The medium is for any size between 14 – 18 or 34″ – 38″

The large is for any size between 20  – 24 or  40″ – 44″

You can move the buttons over for a tighter or looser fitting but these are the sizes that the buttons are set up for right now.

If you  need advice on which size to go for please don’t hesitate to contact me.

As with everything I make, if they simply just don’t suit you………….. send them back. I can’t refund postal costs but as long as you keep to my returns policy there will be no problem.