Pencil Skirt – Tall


I love these rockabilly skirts. Fantastically stretchy  & stylish. A true classic


I love these skirts, it’s like wearing the snuggest pair of jeans that you’ve ever owned.

The fabric is a very durable, heavy weight, cotton with spandex rather than lycra, this makes it feels more strong & stretchy without being stiff like denim.

Instead of the basic front & back panels stitched together this skirt is made up of 5 highly tailored panels to give you the ‘hobble look’ while you’re standing still but the split over your right knee gives you the movement you need to walk, sit & dance.

It has a high waist but with no waistband to dig into your ribs & it’s cut to accommodate your hips. It’s really no good if you have a Peter Pan figure but fantastic if you have curves, whether they are perfect of not. It has 2 anchor buttons at the top of the 10” sexy knee split. Zips up at the back.

I’ve made them in petite at 25” long, regular at 27” long & tall at 29” long, so watch out when you order. Please remember that these skirts are super stretchy & my sizes are generous, so just go for your normal size.
If you need advise on which size to go for please don’t hesitate to contact me.

As with everything I make, if they simply just don’t suit you………….. send them back. I can’t refund postal costs but as long as you keep to my returns policy there will be no problem.