Hello & welcome to notsoplainbabyjane.com, the home for my very own creations.

Those of you that are my Facebook friends will find it much easier to view & buy what you’re looking for. Those that aren’t, well I’m really pleased it was easier for you to find me. From my point of view I’m hoping that it’s a much simpler way for me to display my work so I can spend more of my time making more, new & exciting things.

My aim is to spend a couple of weeks making lots of pretty things , get them photographed, & then list them all on here as soon as they’re ready. From time to time I may be missing in action for a little while longer so I can dive into my 1st world war kit trunk, where I store my hundreds of original patterns, & spend some time ‘re-graphing’ a gorgeous old pattern from the 30’s – 50’s into today’s modern sizes. Personally, I think it’s always worth the wait to have ‘that’ something that’s new & exciting whilst not being mass produced.

Have fun looking through everything & please remember I’m only a quick message away to answer any questions. Maybe follow the link to my Facebook page to see lots of pictures that my lovely friends have been kind enough to tag me in there personal photos & become a friend as well. It’s the best way to get informed when new stock is listed. Jane xXx